Even the hardy among us need some TLC sometimes, and dog leashes are no different.

Rest assured that our leashes are made with premium materials, built to withstand rough (ruff?!) treatment by all dogs, from big dawgs to tearaway terriers. Here are our tips to help ensure your doggy can enjoy our products for even longer.



To clean your leash's rope, first remove the carabiner, then place the rope into a pillowcase and machine wash on a cold gentle cycle. Follow up by line drying, and you are good to go! 

Things to avoid: Using the leash for anything other than as your dog's walking leash. Washing with fabric softener. Also excessive exposure to sand and sea water. It is best to give a quick wash after a trip to the beach.



To clean your carabiner of any mud or sand, hand rinse in warm water. Oil if necessary. Then leave to dry.

Things to avoid: Any usage other than as part of walking dog. Machine washing and detergents, as well as sea water.